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Bonestube Has Moved!

If you have not heard yet, NING is implementing a charge to host a site through them, so the bonestube creator had to either shutdown bonestube all together or find a new site, and thank goodness she did!! The new site has a bit more extras, like a wiki, forum, and blog section. You can still upload videos and photos and follows a similar style to the old bonestube. Right now you don't have to be invited to join, so go ahead and sign up, share videos, photo's, etc.

Just follow the link Here.

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Behind the Scenes Photos - Predator in the Pool

Hart Hanson: From tonight's Bones: Emily cuts a fine figure in a wet suit.

Hart Hanson: DB and director Dwight Little confer or discuss sports. Hard to know which.

Source: Bones Facebook Page and Hart Hanson's Twitter

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Fan Video Recommendation

Funny Bones by TinkonBrink

Fanfiction Recommendation

Title: Silent Mistakes
Author: GreyIsTheCatsPajamas
Rating: T
Chapters: 107/?
Status: In Progress

Summary: BIG B&B fic in order to get the fluff out of my system... This thing may just go on forever...

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Fanvideo Recommendation

 Booth and Brennan: Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream (100th Episode Tribute) by lorbaby83

This is my favorite 100th episode fan video so far! It's amazing!

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Fanvideo Recommendation

I thought these were a couple of cool vids to watch after the 100th ep. Just makes you look at the Booth/Brennan moments in a different light!

'Jealous Booth//Jealous Brennan' by fairykiss27

Fanvideo Recommendation

'Don't look so sad' by Parlai

Fanvid Recomendations

I said I wasn't going to post this, but I am a helpless self promoter, :) I hope you like it. It is very short, but I wasn't patient enough to do the whole song.

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Fanfiction Recommendation

Title: The Killer in the Classroom
Author: bloodwrites
Rating: M (Warning - Mature Content)
Chapters: 15
Status: Complete

Summary: Sequel to The War in the Woods Brennan takes a sabbatical from the Jeffersonian to lure a serial killer out of hiding. Set sometime in season 4, B/B all the way

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Fanvid Recomendations

100th episode vid.

Personally, I am loving all of the new 100th episode vids. I wish I was less lazy and would make one, LOL

Fanvideo Recommendation

 Booth and Brennan (From the Beginning) by Pruedens

(Contains clips from the 100th episode)

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Favorite Flashback Episode Poll

Vote in the Entertainment weekly poll. Bones is currently in the lead, so lets keep it that way. Click on the link below to be redirected to their website and VOTE VOTE VOTE! (Yes, i have an obsession with voting)

Click here

Rocker in the Rinse Cycle - More Stills Released

Ausiello - The 'Page 187' Mystery Solved?

In all the hubbub following last night’s emotionally draining 100th episode of Bones, a cold, hard truth has gone overlooked: The episode failed to solve the big mystery from the previous week’s ep — what the frak was on page 187 of Brennan’s new book? We know it involves a unique sexual technique that Hodgins invented and presumably performed on Angela. But what… is… it? At a party thrown in honor of the milestone episode earlier this week, we grilled the cast. Then, unsatisfied (though amused) by their answers, we went to series creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan to find out their dirty little secret!
David Boreanaz (Booth): “If Hodgins came up with it, I don’t think Booth would be all that impressed. Maybe episode 187 will be the last episode and [we can reveal it then]. That way we can’t get into too much trouble if it is really obscene.”
Emily Deschanel (Brennan): “We all had our ideas about what it was and, like the characters, I think some of us were too embarrassed to even mention those above a whisper. I am certainly not going to tell a reporter what secret trick I had in my mind. I never even asked. I don’t think I want to know. I think it is better left to the imagination.”
Michaela Conlin (Angela): “I have an idea what I think it is but I do not have confirmation. There was never a conference about it. It wasn’t like Hart let us in on the joke at the table read. I think it is better to leave it unsaid for everyone’s sake. Isn’t it more fun to guess? It will be like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Everyone can debate it. T.J. thought it was so cool that it was his character’s move. He was bragging about it for days. I don’t know what he’s holding over Hart to get that kind of character triumph.”
T.J. Thyne (Hodgins): “How do you know I didn’t pitch it to them? And who said it was kinky? Maybe it is just weird. It is a very specific, very useful action that makes Angela at the very least very excited.”
Tamara Taylor (Cam): “I am dying to know. I was laughing out loud when I read that episode because Hodgins makes such a huge stink about it being his move. I think it has got to be a silly move. To [stay true] to his character, the move would have to be either him crying, goofing off, or raging during sex. He has all those anger management issues. Maybe he just yells through the entire act. I think this was Hart’s practical joke. He just wanted to see how kinky and gross we all got trying to figure it out. I bet he doesn’t even have a move in mind. I would not put it past him to have just written it all mysteriously to get people thinking.”
John Francis Daley (Sweets): “I don’t think we can even say what we think it is. What’s the PG-rated, magazine friendly way of describing something sexual? Plus, it is kind of a trap because what if I tell you what I think it is and then I am labeled a pervert because it is so much weirder than what the writers actually came up with? I am a nice boy. I don’t think anyone knows other than Hart and Stephen. They just left it up to all of us to think about and debate amongst ourselves. It’s like what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost In Translation. Maybe what he whispers to her is actually [Hodgins'] unique sexual maneuver. I have [to wonder] how in the history of humans having sexual relations could one man discover some super awesome sex move or position that no one else ever thought of or tried? Unless it is something like he makes a goofy face or noise while doing it. That’s the only way that I believe it could be a Hodgins-only move. Otherwise others would have done it.”
Hart Hanson (series creator): “We know exactly what was on page 187 but we didn’t tell any of the cast. It made the squirming and embarrassment more realistic because they all have very dirty minds and they went there in their heads… We tend to circle back on things so it will probably be revealed at some point. Maybe in episode 187 if we get there.”
Stephen Nathan (exec producer): “We know exactly what it was and we aren’t telling yet. We may never tell. Or we may have a contest for the fans to hear their guesses and if someone gets it maybe we will give them a cameo.”

Bones Ratings - The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (100th Episode)

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 3.5 11 11.614

FOX Bones 2.6 9 9.394

ABC FlashForward 1.6 5 5.503

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.472

NBC Community (repeat) 1.2 4 3.357

8:30 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 3.9 12 12.744

FOX Bones 2.8 9 10.178

ABC FlashForward 1.7 5 5.393

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.520

NBC Parks & Recreation (repeat) 1.3 4 3.196

Fanfiction Recommendation

Title: It’s Like Love is a Lesson (That I Can’t Learn).
Author: Addisongrace
Rating: K+
Chapters: Oneshot
Status: Complete

Summary:  Episode tag to the 100th. You’ve been warned!

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‘Bones’ Boss: Fans Should Be Feeling ‘Enjoyable Frustration’ - Matt Mitovich Interviews Stephen Nathan

This week’s episode of Fox’s ‘Bones‘ was landmark not only in that it was the series’ 100th, but because it delivered surprising backstory about Brennan and Booth’s first case together, let us witness an intimate moment (or two), and left our jaws hanging with a turning point that rubber-stamped a big question-mark on the future of the dynamic duo’s relationship.
If you haven’t yet seen the aptly titled “Game Changer” episode, turn back now and check back once you’ve dabbed away the tears. To those who have watched, read on for executive producer Stephen Nathan’s take on what just happened… and what happens next.
First things first: What was your agenda with Episode 100?
The agenda was to try to answer a lot of the questions the audience has had for so long – like, “How did this start?” “What was the genesis of the relationship between Booth and Brennan?” – because obviously something occurred prior to the pilot episode. What was it at that time that drove them apart? And at the same time, what was it about their [initial] relationship that made them come together again? We wanted to get a real glimpse into that relationship that we haven’t been able to in five years. We had a lot more leeway here where we could have them open themselves up. Because for them to be so careful around each other, that had to happen after they had been so vulnerable with each other.
How long has it been in your head that during that first case, Bones and Booth had a flirtation and even kissed?
When [series creator] Hart [Hanson] and I started to talk about it, one form or another of that dynamic was always discussed. We always felt that there was something really personal and intimate that happened there; we just weren’t sure how far they had gone.
Did you bat around the possibility that they slept together back then?
We did, but we felt that would have taken them a bit too far. It needed to be a nice balance that kept alive the sense that there is unfinished business, that they still want to complete something they didn’t complete on that rainy night. Brennan in all these years has opened herself more and more to this world of intimacy and emotion, and if [she had already slept] with Booth, it would seem like we were retreading old ground.
So, the episode just ended and Bones and Booth are walking across that plaza arm-in-arm. What percentage of viewers do you think are satisfied, and what percent are frustrated?
I can only hope that they will both be frustrated and satisfied. [Laughs] What we wanted to do was satisfy the historical aspect of their relationship, to show the fans what happened to bring them to this point. The frustration should still remain but be an enjoyable frustration: “Oh my god, why didn’t Brennan just say yes?!” Booth has put himself out there, Booth has committed….
The gambler has gambled….
And she shot him down because she doesn’t think she can do it, when we all know she can. That frustration is what will keep the audience coming back, to see how they overcome that – no matter long that takes.
On my second viewing, I noticed David Boreanaz fighting back some tears in the closing scene. Were you expecting that heaviness of emotion?
David was both directing himself and acting, so the whole thing was a surprise – even a little bit to him and Emily [Deschanel]. When they’re in the scene playing that moment, emotions come up that surprised them and certainly surprised us. I think it was very, very subtle – he didn’t really want to cry, and I don’t think he did. Something just popped up there for a minute, and he wipes his eye. I love how he kept it together even though his world had come apart. It was a nice balance he struck. We were thrilled with the job he did on that episode.
When Brennan asked if they could stay just friends, Booth seemed almost unable to agree. Could he get to a point where he simply can’t work alongside her?
It’s certainly possible. Booth wants to be that great guy who is not going to quit, and certainly not in the performance of his duty, so he feels he can really rise above it all. Whether he’s able to ultimately succeed in that is something we’ll be exploring.
Will we see Temperance regretting her decision?
I don’t know how open she’ll be about it, but I can’t believe that she isn’t somehow regretting it right at that moment. I think she wishes she could be another person, that she could just be with Booth. But this is a character issue that is very difficult for her to overcome. It’s a real challenge for her.
Rena Sofer turns up April 22 as a marine biologist who asks Booth out on a date. Who will be most affected by her presence – Booth or Brennan?
It will have a subtle effect on both of them. I think it might allow Booth to look at the world in a way he hasn’t allowed himself to look at it in a long time. He’s a very strong guy and he does want to move on. He doesn’t want his life stunted for all time by chasing after something he can’t have.
And it now appears that Sweets is the one heading for a wedding. How might his big day inform Booth and Brennan’s relationship?
[The upcoming 'Bones' wedding] will inform it a little bit, but I can’t tell you who’s getting married, how, or when, or anything. Hopefully that’s still in the bag!


Korbi Tv Interviews Emily Deschanel About The 100th Episode

Alright, kids.
You've now seen the highly-anticipated 100th episode of 'Bones' and finally know the truth about Booth and Brennan's first meeting, the fact that they did indeed kiss and that Brennan then put the brakes on it all.
In the clip below, we talk with Ms. Emily Deschanel about when she was told about what had gone down way back when and how she felt about the whole thing.
"I liked the idea. I really did. I thought that they should have some connection, whether they sleep together or they kiss," Deschanel says. "I felt like it made sense. Even though I hadn't thought of that before ... I hadn't been playing the seasons as if that had happened, so it took an adjustment [at first]."
And what does Deschanel think about Brennan then shooting Booth down?
"I think that she's incredibly scared and when she says, you know, she doesn't know how she'll feel in five or ten years, I think [what she means is] that she doesn't know how he'will feel in five or ten years. I mean, this is somebody who was abandoned by her family, the people who were closest to her, so of course she's going to protect herself. And, you know, having a friendship with somebody who she loves is better to her than having a romance that could very easily go south and he could be gone."

Makes sense, no?
Watch the clip below for more from Emily on whether or not Brennan actually loves Booth, how Brennan will react to Rena Sofer's character coming in as a love interest for him and how the upcoming season finale will change everything...

Watch the video here

(There may be some spoilers for future episodes in the video. Watch at your own risk)

Ryan Cartwright Posts New Facebook Photo

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Fanvideo Recommendation

Gravedigger Trailer, by ForensicMama ('s husband, lol)

*I bumped this post since we will be getting a promo for the gravedigger, and I love this fanmade promo.

Bones promo song

Did you like the song that was played in the promo for the 100th episode? We did it is called "I owe it all to you" by XCD154

Watch it here

25 things you didn't know about David.

Here is an article done by US news. It includes 25 things that you may not know about David.

Article link

Interview with David Boreanaz

Buddy TV has put out a new interview with David. It may contain some spoilery bits so be warned!

Interview link

Interview with David Boreanaz

Fox's hit show Bones is a quick, smart, and sexy crime drama starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. The show premiered back in 2005, and since then fans have been devouring up the onscreen quirky relationship between Booth and Bones. In a recent interview, David Boreanaz talked about playing Seeley Booth for five seasons, the upcoming 100th episode, some fun Booth trivia, and his opinions on the Bones-Booth romantic future.

After five seasons, do you get recognized, as you rightly should now, as Seeley Booth more than you do as Angel?

I think you get recognized as whatever you put out there. It’s funny, we were at an event Saturday and everybody was screaming Bones at me. Well, I don’t play Bones, I play Booth, so you know, you recognize what you’re doing and that show, Buffy was so long ago, as well as Angel so it was a great time on all those shows and I seem to be recognized for David as an actor, and they particularly say, yes, you do great work in Bones we’d loved you in Angel, or we loved you in Buffy. It’s a blessing to be a part of such great shows that they’re so recognizable. They’re definitely historic. I love the following of the fans and they’ve supported me for a long time and I continue to, hopefully, give them back more of Bones and I’ve got a lot more up my sleeve, so I look forward to giving them even possibly maybe another show down the line, and more characters for them to love. I really appreciate their support.

Do you think Booth and Brennan should be together eventually?

I see the two characters and they really pretty much are together, and how you want to see them and how the fans want to see the two of them together, I have my views on it. I think that the two of them worked really great off of each other and I’m not saying that I didn’t want to see them together. I just don’t think -- I think everybody wants to see them together in a different way, whether that’s as a couple, in a relationship. They work very well together and it’s great to see them solve these crimes. It’s also great to see them get into their personal lives, but for right now, I think I still maintain that they should be partners and let’s see what happens after this season, where they go, because it’s a pretty good season ender.

In one of the promotional video clips, you gave us a list of items that Booth carries in his pockets. Could you please review the list and give us your explanation why each of those items is significant to Booth?

Sure. I think I’ll keep some as a mystery as well, since a lot of things have not been seen yet. I carry a gold Zippo lighter, which is reminiscent of his training days in the Army as a ranger; he’s got a poker chip to remind him of his gambling issues that we never really tapped into with Booth; some dice in his pocket, in his right pocket, that he likes to fiddle around with if he’s interrogating people, again a reference to his gambling days; a St. Christopher medal that he keeps on him, again, because he’s a religious kind of a guy so he keeps St. Christopher to protect him. And let’s see, what else do I have in my arsenal? I wear a Wittnauer watch on my left wrist. I can’t tell you what’s inscribed because maybe that will come out in an episode one day. And, that’s pretty much it.

You’ve directed a couple episodes of TV before, so I was wondering, how does the process change with practice? Does it get easier?

It doesn’t really get any easier. I think it’s always challenging to look at a script and make it your own while maintaining the sense of what the style of the show is. It’s a challenge whether depending upon the genre and what it’s all about. Each has its challenges and what you bring to it is your touch and what you see as far as your vision is concerned. You do the homework and you prepare. I have a very clear vision as to what I want at the end of my prep, and then I throw it out and let the creative process take over.

Do you think there’s another 100 episodes in the show and in you?

Wow, that’s an interesting question. I think that there are plenty more episodes. It doesn’t matter if it’s -- I started this venture with the pilot and didn’t even think about where it was going to go and just take it show-to-show, episode-to-episode. The future’s very bright for the show. I see it as a show that’s really found its legs and can really go to some really unique places. We’re now actually shooting the season finale, so I take it episode-to-episode, show-to-show, and don’t set myself up too much for discouragement if it were to end tomorrow.

Here is the link to the site:

David and Emily Interview

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Promo - The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (100th Episode)


Livejournal is a great place for us obsessive passionate fans to enjoy our addiction passtime. Here are some of the best known Bones communities in LJ! (you have to be 18+ to join this comm. They're probably going to want proof of your age before they let you in!)

If you think we forgot a community that should be listed, let us know ;)
We'll add this list to the Also Check box in the right column.