Thursday, 8 April 2010

Korbi Tv Interviews Emily Deschanel About The 100th Episode

Alright, kids.
You've now seen the highly-anticipated 100th episode of 'Bones' and finally know the truth about Booth and Brennan's first meeting, the fact that they did indeed kiss and that Brennan then put the brakes on it all.
In the clip below, we talk with Ms. Emily Deschanel about when she was told about what had gone down way back when and how she felt about the whole thing.
"I liked the idea. I really did. I thought that they should have some connection, whether they sleep together or they kiss," Deschanel says. "I felt like it made sense. Even though I hadn't thought of that before ... I hadn't been playing the seasons as if that had happened, so it took an adjustment [at first]."
And what does Deschanel think about Brennan then shooting Booth down?
"I think that she's incredibly scared and when she says, you know, she doesn't know how she'll feel in five or ten years, I think [what she means is] that she doesn't know how he'will feel in five or ten years. I mean, this is somebody who was abandoned by her family, the people who were closest to her, so of course she's going to protect herself. And, you know, having a friendship with somebody who she loves is better to her than having a romance that could very easily go south and he could be gone."

Makes sense, no?
Watch the clip below for more from Emily on whether or not Brennan actually loves Booth, how Brennan will react to Rena Sofer's character coming in as a love interest for him and how the upcoming season finale will change everything...

Watch the video here

(There may be some spoilers for future episodes in the video. Watch at your own risk)

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