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So what is going on... in general. And a little review

OK. So for those of you that check in on our blog, you may have noticed that we have been updateless recently. I attribute this to several reasons, the main one being the show has seemed sub par this season. Hannah hurts the regular B&B shippers (which we all are)and thus our enthusiasm has been a bit squelched. This also affects those who write fanfics, make fanvids, etc. Hannah has stolen our muses ;) Also life is getting in the way of my inner fan. Somehow I always seem to have so much extra time in the summer. However I have a small amount of free time so lets talk a little Bones.

First the issue of Hannah. I am going to say this (while dodging all of the rotten tomatoes that come my way), I don't dislike her. For starters I think that the actress is doing a wonderful job and the role was cast very well. When I first heard of the character Hannah, she is what I imagined she would look like. She seems like Booths type, which may just be because she resembles Rebbecca. Another reason I dont mind her is because I can see that Booth is 'settling' for her because Brennan shot him down.
Furthermore I think the show needs her. Case in point being Sully. Honestly, his episodes were my least favorite of season 2, and probably my least favorite of the show until now. However, look at the moments and episodes that followed his arc. The boat scene when he is leaving and Brennan turns around to Booth... that is one of my favorite scenes and is a very popular one in fanvids, also the 'guy hug'. I think one thing that we need to remember is that


OK so that isn't really a spoiler at all, anyone that watches the show knows that its coming. I just don't think people should be as extreme about the Hannah arc as they are. I am not saying that your not a loyal fan if you don't like it or that you should even watch the episode live ( I haven't watched but 2 episodes live this season) but don't give up on the show either. This season the ratings have been generally lower than last season, and while some of that may be due to Big Bang switching its time slot, I think a lot of it has to do with Hannah. That being said I think that her time isn't far from being up, and that some great things are coming when she leaves.

As of the last episode 'The Body in the Bounty' I believe it is my favorite this season. Its not just because Hannah wasn't in the episode although that does play a part in it. While I was watching this episode I thought it felt more like a season 3 or 4 episode than season 6. There was very minimal relationship talk in the episode, and I felt like we needed a break from that. It seemed focused on the case with the side stories being just that... side stories. Also Brennan was hilarious, in my opinion much more so than last week. (I was not a big fan of the Jersey Shore plot)She acted very Brennan like, and even used 'I don't know what that means.' Booth and Brennan didn't seem to have that awkward tension that has been present this season. Now whether that is a result of Hannah's presence or just there time apart I am not sure, however since it was absent this episode I am leaning towards it being Hannah's presence.
Generally every character seemed back to normal this episode. Hodgins interactions with the 'Science dude' was a great part of the episode. And you could feel that Cam was back into her roll in the Jeffersonian trying to get the show filmed there.
The majority of the episode centered on the case and it felt like the screen time was more evenly distributed. It just seemed like a solid episode. It wasn't great, but it wasn't awful which if I am being honest the last couple episodes have been. The case wasn't themed or ridiculous, while the 'Science dude' was a part of the episode, his screen time was the same as all of the other squinterns and there story lines. Overall I rate the episode an 8, but out of this season it is a 9.

Whew, that was a lot of typing, but I feel that if the writers stay on the track they laid out with this last episode the season will start to get good fast. However not too fast since we are hitting a bit of a fall break, and the show will pick back up on November 4th with 'The Bones That Weren't'

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