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Interview with David Boreanaz

Fox's hit show Bones is a quick, smart, and sexy crime drama starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. The show premiered back in 2005, and since then fans have been devouring up the onscreen quirky relationship between Booth and Bones. In a recent interview, David Boreanaz talked about playing Seeley Booth for five seasons, the upcoming 100th episode, some fun Booth trivia, and his opinions on the Bones-Booth romantic future.

After five seasons, do you get recognized, as you rightly should now, as Seeley Booth more than you do as Angel?

I think you get recognized as whatever you put out there. It’s funny, we were at an event Saturday and everybody was screaming Bones at me. Well, I don’t play Bones, I play Booth, so you know, you recognize what you’re doing and that show, Buffy was so long ago, as well as Angel so it was a great time on all those shows and I seem to be recognized for David as an actor, and they particularly say, yes, you do great work in Bones we’d loved you in Angel, or we loved you in Buffy. It’s a blessing to be a part of such great shows that they’re so recognizable. They’re definitely historic. I love the following of the fans and they’ve supported me for a long time and I continue to, hopefully, give them back more of Bones and I’ve got a lot more up my sleeve, so I look forward to giving them even possibly maybe another show down the line, and more characters for them to love. I really appreciate their support.

Do you think Booth and Brennan should be together eventually?

I see the two characters and they really pretty much are together, and how you want to see them and how the fans want to see the two of them together, I have my views on it. I think that the two of them worked really great off of each other and I’m not saying that I didn’t want to see them together. I just don’t think -- I think everybody wants to see them together in a different way, whether that’s as a couple, in a relationship. They work very well together and it’s great to see them solve these crimes. It’s also great to see them get into their personal lives, but for right now, I think I still maintain that they should be partners and let’s see what happens after this season, where they go, because it’s a pretty good season ender.

In one of the promotional video clips, you gave us a list of items that Booth carries in his pockets. Could you please review the list and give us your explanation why each of those items is significant to Booth?

Sure. I think I’ll keep some as a mystery as well, since a lot of things have not been seen yet. I carry a gold Zippo lighter, which is reminiscent of his training days in the Army as a ranger; he’s got a poker chip to remind him of his gambling issues that we never really tapped into with Booth; some dice in his pocket, in his right pocket, that he likes to fiddle around with if he’s interrogating people, again a reference to his gambling days; a St. Christopher medal that he keeps on him, again, because he’s a religious kind of a guy so he keeps St. Christopher to protect him. And let’s see, what else do I have in my arsenal? I wear a Wittnauer watch on my left wrist. I can’t tell you what’s inscribed because maybe that will come out in an episode one day. And, that’s pretty much it.

You’ve directed a couple episodes of TV before, so I was wondering, how does the process change with practice? Does it get easier?

It doesn’t really get any easier. I think it’s always challenging to look at a script and make it your own while maintaining the sense of what the style of the show is. It’s a challenge whether depending upon the genre and what it’s all about. Each has its challenges and what you bring to it is your touch and what you see as far as your vision is concerned. You do the homework and you prepare. I have a very clear vision as to what I want at the end of my prep, and then I throw it out and let the creative process take over.

Do you think there’s another 100 episodes in the show and in you?

Wow, that’s an interesting question. I think that there are plenty more episodes. It doesn’t matter if it’s -- I started this venture with the pilot and didn’t even think about where it was going to go and just take it show-to-show, episode-to-episode. The future’s very bright for the show. I see it as a show that’s really found its legs and can really go to some really unique places. We’re now actually shooting the season finale, so I take it episode-to-episode, show-to-show, and don’t set myself up too much for discouragement if it were to end tomorrow.

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