Friday, 9 April 2010

Ausiello - The 'Page 187' Mystery Solved?

In all the hubbub following last night’s emotionally draining 100th episode of Bones, a cold, hard truth has gone overlooked: The episode failed to solve the big mystery from the previous week’s ep — what the frak was on page 187 of Brennan’s new book? We know it involves a unique sexual technique that Hodgins invented and presumably performed on Angela. But what… is… it? At a party thrown in honor of the milestone episode earlier this week, we grilled the cast. Then, unsatisfied (though amused) by their answers, we went to series creator Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan to find out their dirty little secret!
David Boreanaz (Booth): “If Hodgins came up with it, I don’t think Booth would be all that impressed. Maybe episode 187 will be the last episode and [we can reveal it then]. That way we can’t get into too much trouble if it is really obscene.”
Emily Deschanel (Brennan): “We all had our ideas about what it was and, like the characters, I think some of us were too embarrassed to even mention those above a whisper. I am certainly not going to tell a reporter what secret trick I had in my mind. I never even asked. I don’t think I want to know. I think it is better left to the imagination.”
Michaela Conlin (Angela): “I have an idea what I think it is but I do not have confirmation. There was never a conference about it. It wasn’t like Hart let us in on the joke at the table read. I think it is better to leave it unsaid for everyone’s sake. Isn’t it more fun to guess? It will be like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Everyone can debate it. T.J. thought it was so cool that it was his character’s move. He was bragging about it for days. I don’t know what he’s holding over Hart to get that kind of character triumph.”
T.J. Thyne (Hodgins): “How do you know I didn’t pitch it to them? And who said it was kinky? Maybe it is just weird. It is a very specific, very useful action that makes Angela at the very least very excited.”
Tamara Taylor (Cam): “I am dying to know. I was laughing out loud when I read that episode because Hodgins makes such a huge stink about it being his move. I think it has got to be a silly move. To [stay true] to his character, the move would have to be either him crying, goofing off, or raging during sex. He has all those anger management issues. Maybe he just yells through the entire act. I think this was Hart’s practical joke. He just wanted to see how kinky and gross we all got trying to figure it out. I bet he doesn’t even have a move in mind. I would not put it past him to have just written it all mysteriously to get people thinking.”
John Francis Daley (Sweets): “I don’t think we can even say what we think it is. What’s the PG-rated, magazine friendly way of describing something sexual? Plus, it is kind of a trap because what if I tell you what I think it is and then I am labeled a pervert because it is so much weirder than what the writers actually came up with? I am a nice boy. I don’t think anyone knows other than Hart and Stephen. They just left it up to all of us to think about and debate amongst ourselves. It’s like what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost In Translation. Maybe what he whispers to her is actually [Hodgins'] unique sexual maneuver. I have [to wonder] how in the history of humans having sexual relations could one man discover some super awesome sex move or position that no one else ever thought of or tried? Unless it is something like he makes a goofy face or noise while doing it. That’s the only way that I believe it could be a Hodgins-only move. Otherwise others would have done it.”
Hart Hanson (series creator): “We know exactly what was on page 187 but we didn’t tell any of the cast. It made the squirming and embarrassment more realistic because they all have very dirty minds and they went there in their heads… We tend to circle back on things so it will probably be revealed at some point. Maybe in episode 187 if we get there.”
Stephen Nathan (exec producer): “We know exactly what it was and we aren’t telling yet. We may never tell. Or we may have a contest for the fans to hear their guesses and if someone gets it maybe we will give them a cameo.”

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