Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fanvideo Recommendation

I thought these were a couple of cool vids to watch after the 100th ep. Just makes you look at the Booth/Brennan moments in a different light!

'Jealous Booth//Jealous Brennan' by fairykiss27


Tsynne said...

Both of these videos are so great. Really proves how jealous these two can get (and desperatly try to hide that fact)

Milky said...

Great videos! And I agree, they can barely hide the fact.
Gotta say, it's different to see their jealousy knowing they kissed before!

Jenny said...

I love the clips in this videos, but I really hate the music. It's like background noise I want to turn off but can't. It clashes with what they're saying and get mixed up with the music that's sometimes in the clips. Also, the yellow is distracting and it's annoying that all the images are flipped. Makes it look like they're driving in England.
But other than that, funny videos. Definitely gives you some perspective knowing they wanted to have sex before and didn't. Makes the jealousy all the more justified.