Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A squint fact, for the Squint in us all

There are three main bones that are looked at when determining sex.

1) The pelvis/innominate - Females are different to accomidate childbirth, this is most accurate

2) Skull

3) the long bones (Humerus and Femur)


Anonymous said...

I really like these squint facts. Keep talking about dead things Bone lady. When are you going to discuss maggots? Pictures? LMAO. I don't sound creepy at all!

Lets all solve a murder by looking at a picture u post? haha.

H__ROB said...

ok, well I didn't start these so people would be creepy, lol

Maggots are way on down the line, and I don't know much about them, that's Hodgins territory, not mine, lol. Did you want me to discuss pictures or are you laughing at me because I put them up?

My favorite part of class was when she would put a picture of a skull up and we had to determine sex, ethnicity and age. For instance the skull here is male, of European decent (white) and I cant clearly tell but I would guess middle age 35-45ish. I would need to see more of the skeleton to decide that.