Monday, 24 May 2010

Bones FanAwards

Lookie, lookie! Something to do during the hiatus:
Bones FanAwards is a community which aims to recognize and celebrate the work of us fans, by collecting the best fanworks out there. Once these fanworks (fanfiction, fanvids, fanart or any other kind of fan-lovin' for our show) are in, who is a better judge than you, to choose the best ones?

The 1st awards period will commence on June 20th, where you will be able to submit fanworks from all previous seasons right up to the season 5 finale. The 2nd awards period onwards will feature more recent fanworks, based on episodic, storyline arcs, or the current season being aired!
We're excited!

The modest prize to winners will be a banner with the category they won and the name of their chosen fanwork. All Nominees will get a banner, too. The idea is you can post this banner on your Fanwork Page or Profile, as a form of public recognition.

Also, there will be a special category on this Blog with a link to all winners.

(If you can think of another prize, let us know!)

Check it all out here:
Don't forget to join so you get access to nominating and voting :)

ETA: Check our profile info at LJ to find an email to contact us for BFA purposes :)

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