Thursday, 4 February 2010

Season 2 Quotes

The Titan on the Tracks 2x01
Cam: Seeley.
Booth: Camille.
Cam: Don't call me Camille.
Booth: Don't call me Seeley. Dr. Brennan, Dr. Saroyan. You two know each other, right?
Brennan: No.
Cam: No.
Booth: Oh-oh.

Mother and Child in the Bay 2x02
Cam:  Looks like he's not walking this time Seeley.
Hodgins: Ironic, since he's running now.
Angela: Hodgins, you know Booth is bigger than you, right?
Hodgins: Right. Wasn't your fault, dude.
Jack: Woo! Seems to be a lot of Gamophyta!
Booth: Is that good?
Jack: I won't know until I compare it to the samples in the lab.
Booth: Then why did you act so excited?
Jack: I guess I just like Gamophyta.

The Boy in the Shroud 2x03
Cam: Booth, if Dr. Brennan were to quit.
Booth: What?
Cam: If she were to leave the Jeffersonian.
Booth: Well, the squints would flee this institution like the French army.
Cam: And you?
Booth: Well, I do as I'm ordered.
Cam: No you don't, Seeley.
Booth: Okay here we go. What's going on Camille?
Cam: What if I fired her? What would you do?
Booth: I'm with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don't doubt it for a second.

 The Blonde in the Game 2x04
Booth: I got something for you.
Brennan: A bottle of hard liquor?
Booth: Next best thing.
(takes a small pig figurine out of his pocket, sits it in the palm of his hand, and moves close to Brennan)
Booth: Meet Jasper.
(They both smile. Brennan takes Jasper from Booth's hand and looks at it.)
Booth: You're gonna be okay.
Brennan: (lifts her eyes to Booth and speaks with vulnerability in her voice) Yeah?
Booth: Definitely.

The Truth in the Lye 2x05
Hodgins: (about the Chinese characters they find) What do they say?
Angela: They say, "What make foolish man think I speak Chinese?"
Hodgins: I thought you were half Chinese.
Angela: And I think you're half Swedish. Let's hear some Swedish.

The Girl In Suite2103 2x06
Hodgins: I could kiss you.
Angela: That would require permission. Which I deny.

Booth: (To Brennan) That was a nice moment, you know? Me translating for you
The Girl with the Curl 2x07
Angela: And what the great date tells us, is that when this goes wrong....
Jack: It'll go really, really wrong.
Angela So...we go back, right? Friends.
Jack: Sure. Friends. Just one more question. What if it doesn't end that way? What if it doesn't go wrong?
Brennan: It's hard to believe when you see women trying to disguise or change themselves. I never understood that.
Booth: Well, I mean ... no, of course you wouldn't.
Brennan: (frowns) Why?
Booth: It's just, you know, someone who looks like ... you ... well, wouldn't. (Brennan stares at him.) Just because of the way you look.
Brennan: I don't understand. What ... way do I look?
Booth: (stammers) Well, you know, you ... you're structured (takes a deep breath) very well.
Brennan: (smiles slowly) As are you.

The Woman In The Sand 2x08
Hodgins: What If I call you a scrawny twit who can't hold a conversation with a ten year old?
Zack: I don't have much in common with a ten year old. And although I don't know what a twit is, objectively I am thin and lack muscular definition.

Stargazer in a Puddle 2x21
Booth: No, Bones, your father chose to be arrested because he felt if he abandoned you again, he would lose you forever. Just thought you should know.
Bones:  Thanks Booth.
Angela: Harrumph! Sorry. I'd like to get married now.
Bones: I'd like to marry you.
Booth: It's kinda sudden Bones, let me think about it.
Bones: No, Booth, that's what Angela told Hodgins. You're joking, you know, a lot of psychologists say that jokes are the way we manifest our hidden desires. 

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