Wednesday, 31 August 2011



H__ROB said...

I love this sneak peak. It looks hilarious!!

Dreamer7231 said...

It looks quite good. I'm not gonna be watching until it's on itunes though. I have to tell you I have ANOTHER tv obsession... Fringe! I watched S2 in 2 days! It's my new X-files. It's fooking amazing. I honestly don't know why the ratings are so crappy. I remember watching the pilot ep years ago and hating it, but I just picked up the eps recently and decided to watch a few more and I couldn't stop. The huge season long storyline they have going is awesome... Xfiley, but def not the kind of eps that scare the crap out of ya! And the season finale blew me away....unlike ze evil Hart Hanson and the lacklustre cases every ep. Le sigh!