Friday, 11 March 2011

Promo for The Blackout in the Blizzard


Dreamer7231 said...

Le sigh. This looks good and I still haven't seen the last ep yet! Was the sniper ep good?

Milky said...

It was very good!!!
I hope you can see it soon, prawn :)

Dreamer7231 said...

I don't have unlimited broadband anymore & have to be careful we don't download too much. I might upgrade to unlimited next month if I can't steal some free wifi somewhere. I'm missing Bones...I canna believe it! Le sigh! Haven't watched House for 2 weeks either :(

Dude, I'm finally buying those pet fish that I was gonna buy years ago. I shall tweet you a pic when I buy Dr Gordon Gordon Wyatt, Agent Booth, Dr Sweets etc. They are gonna be tropical. I'm buying guppies haha. I hope they don't attack each other like my last ones did! I had to seperate them into different tanks last time as they were so freakin' grouchy!