Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Blackout in the Blizzard. Reactions and a question


Now that's out of the way, who else LOVED this episode? I thought it was the best so far this season. I'm sure I am a little biased because I am a total shipper, but regardless it was good. I was quite impressed by how the case was handled completely from an elevator and a powerless lab. This was obviously an episode where the case and the forensics were not a central theme of the episode, and it seemed like only a basis for the forensics was for setting up some interesting and very comical scenes. Other than the fact that she picked up a strange virus from another country, I don't recall much about the victim. This was obviously a shipper episode for both Hodgela and B&B.

Hodgins is adorable. He is the perfect guy, especially for Angela. If you are a Hodgela fan than you have to be on cloud nine when you see this couple. When Hodgins was crying I was suppressing tears, TJ did such a great job. I was able to assume that both would be carriers, however I honestly don't think that the baby will have LCA (which I had to google during the episode). I don't have any sort of spoilers to back that up, I'm just assuming. Also any scene with Hodgins and Wendall is either going to be deep, or hilarious. Most tonight were the latter. X-rays with tape, blue dye, and potatoes; that's good TV there. :) Overall I was extremely happy with Hodgela and all that went on in the lab.

Ahhhh, now on to elevators. I love elevators. Now I even love them when they are stuck. When I first read about there being an elevator scene, I never imagined it in an open elevator. For some reason I assumed it would be in maybe the FBI elevator. I like how the stadium seats were used to block the escape hatch, I hadn't even considered an escape hatch. Speaking of stadium seats, I also like how they were used to bring up part of Booths past. Brennan was quick to accept his attachment even though she had to question his reasoning initially. When they moved on to discussing what Sweets had brought up about them, my little shipper heart screamed, 'YES! Talk now!' Then after Booth said not now, I wanted to throw something at him. Ok so maybe that reaction is a little extreme, but after re-watching the scene it almost seems like Booth is watching Brennan to see if she wanted to talk then. He is ALWAYS putting her first in one way or another. I wont continue to over analyze every single elevator scene but my favorites were the previous one and of course the scene about sex. Both of them in that scene are almost ridiculous. They were having eye sex right then. ;) They were is great denial when they said it wouldn't work. They even proved that they were in the final scene. Then came Sweets, what crappy timing.

 Sweets. His character is always pushing and shaping the B&B relationship. I really hope that the therapy starts back again. Sweets was pretty funny in this episode. Between him feeling sick about his arm and the grandpa sweater, he kept me laughing. When I first heard they were going to be talking with Sweets throughout the episode I was a little disappointed they wouldn't be truly alone, however he pushed them to discuss things that they simply wouldn't talk about without prodding. The fact that they are both open to a relationship, even if its down the road is huge.

The final scene. Wow. It was so much better than I expected. I'm pretty sure I cant even say enough about it to justify what all happened there, and I'm a talker. I feel like it was a statement from Hart and Stephen though. Both Booth and Brennan explained themselves perfectly, particularly Brennan. The fact that she suggested they could (and better) have a relationship down the road, is such a leap from how she used to be. I loved how she explained to Booth how he had changed her. To sum it up they said they were going to wait for each other until each of them were ready for a relationship. They are soooo close! But I do feel its a little soon after Hannah. Maybe season finale? Maybe? It feels like a possibility. So now my biggest issue with the episode is, WHAT ARE THE DATES???? I want to know so bad! I think Booth saw the date that Brennan wrote down though. I wouldn't be surprised if he did, and does something on that date. As long as the date is in the spring of 2011, I'm ok with it :)

If I rate this episode overall, I would honestly give it a 10.

So there is my take on the episode, I hope my thought process isn't too confusing. But I want to hear what everyone else thought. How did you like the episode? Did you agree? What would you rate it? and what dates do you think each wrote down?

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Milky said...

Very good review!
I think the end of the season might be a good date... remember how HH said some time ago, that they were all discussing whether B&B should be together by the end of the season??
YAY It's a possibility, but I think they'll leave us with a cliffie at best, lol.
That's just how evil they are to us!