Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spoiler Tweetbits

Since we aren't a spoiler blog, we won't be posting anything like that on the main site, but feel free to post any spoilers you come across on the forum as it's been a bit neglected lately. I thought it would be kind of cool to post some of the mysterious tweets by Stephen Nathan on here though. They never give away anything huge, but are nice little titbits or 'tweetbits' for the upcoming episodes.

I found the following tweet and I think it refers to the upcoming sniper episode in March due to the clothing B&B are wearing in the promotional photos released for it. It's just a guess though, so don't shoot the messenger if i'm wrong!

@squarechicken: Booth and Brennan jogging on #Bones. Who wins? Wins what? What's next?


cleaninggirl said...

I think you might be right looking at the photos for the next sniper episode B&B do appear to be wearing jogging clothing

H__ROB said...

maybe they are jogging and get the phone call at the same time. That would maybe explain the reason they are still wearing them at the crime scene, because I do doubt they jogged into the sketchy building, lol

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