Friday, 11 February 2011

Did Booth Sabotage His Own Relationship on 'Bones'?

Hart Hanson read this review of last nights episode and posted a link to it on his twitter with the message 'I'll be damned' next to it. That makes me feel slightly better about the episode, and it's an interesting read too.

Read at BuddyTv


Anonymous said...

It's all becoming clear to me now!!!! He sabotaged it!!! I know i'm right, and nobody shall convince me otherwise! LOL.

H__ROB said...

I finally read this article, lol Here is my favorite line from it: 'At least he'd better dive in and get it, because that was a big, honking diamond and I don't think Booth is wealthy enough to be able to throw away giant rings.'

HAHA, thats what I said when he threw it in. In fact before he threw it I was like, "no you dont... NO YOU DONT! Thats expensive!" but then he threw it in anyways

Anonymous said...

LOL. My thoughts exactly. Booth will be soooo broke & has to get rid of his apartment, and Brennan takes pity on him and lets him stay with her. I could be a writer you know...Ppl wld actually like my storylines!