Monday, 31 January 2011

Fanfiction Author Recommendations

Hey everyone,

I thought I would start a list of the best bones fanfic authors out there. I always read the fanfic I recommend on this blog before posting it, as I only want to highlight the best fanfics out there. There's so many amazing fanfics I miss out though. I think i'm the only one of the three blog authors that run this site, that actually reads bones fanfic regularly. I think you can appreciate that I don't have the time to read every story that appears on; quite frankly, I don't know anyone who would want to read every single story that appears on that site.
   Some authors obviously struggle with punctuation, spelling, or even getting their story to flow smoothly. Abandoned stories are also frequent on there. I'll be the first to admit that i've abandoned a story or two in the past (dodges angry glares from all the people who kindly reviewed my stories, I will get back to them soon.I promise), as well as screwing up punctuation, as I don't often use as beta reader to check my stuff before I post it.
  The purpose of this list will be to direct you to authors that I've read a few stories by, and feel confident enough to recommend them, as I know that most of what they produce will be an enjoyable read. It will also save you some time, so you wont have to browse through hundreds, or maybe even thousands of poorly written fanfics to find something good to read.
   If there's anyone missing from this list that you think deserves to be on it, just send me a tweet/email or leave a comment under this post with a link to some of their stories, and i'll check them out as soon as I can.

This list is not yet complete, but will be added to over the coming weeks. Just click on the authors name to be redirected to a list of their fics on

1 - sleeplessinatlanta
2 - BAMA
3 - BrainySmurf6
4 - forensicsfan
5 - Dispatch22705
6 - Coming soon
7- Coming soon
8 - Coming soon

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Anonymous said...

Those are some excellent authors you've listed there. I'd also recommend Boothaddict77. She's relatively new to the fic writing scene, but the two on-going stories she has going on are amazing.