Friday, 21 January 2011

Bones Prompts and Fests

Okay, people:

I thought I'd start a new posting theme for the blog: Prompts and Fests.

There's a few reasons why I'm doing this:

1- I am working on my thesis and I don't need another reason to procrastinate.
2- The current season of Bones is highly frustrating, especially for my little sensitive shipper heart. I need motivation!
3- One of this blog's particularities is its recommendations: we like telling you of fanfics and fanvids every fan should read or watch. We all like our fanworks dose, right?
4- I've tried to invent new things for this blog before, and it is a little frustrating not succeeding with my previews good ideas.

So, combining all reasons together, I think giving out prompts will work pretty well. We'll keep it simple: At least once a week, we're going to offer a few prompts, which can be either words, quotes or scenes. If they inspire you and you feel like plot bunnies start jumping all around your muse, write a fanfic or make a fanvideo. Post it somewhere and link us to it, and we'll then link them again here in the blog :)

The second part of it, the fests, will come if we see the prompts work.

How will that be?

We'll choose a particular theme, say "Valentine's". Then we'll add prompts for it, people sign in to write a fanfiction or make a fanvideo with that particular prompt, and then we post them all together and we have a little fest!

The first post with prompts will be up soon. Remember to link us to the results!

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H__ROB said...

Awesome idea!! Thanks for the link up top too :)