Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fan Video Recommendation

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Anonymous said...

Okay People... I'm only commenting on this as it sends ya both an email. I've deleted some crap off the blog like really old promos, out of date 'omg its bones day' posts, and some fanvids as a few had links that were no longer working prob coz of copyright issues and deleted accounts. I'm sure there are loads more but i'm too lazy to find them all tonight

This may be cheeky but I want an xmas present from Consu since she's the only one who has photoshop lol. I think u shld put ur awesome skills to good use and use some newish pics in the banner. I don't mean right now as ur prob busy but maybe in the new year? I'd do it myself, but I'd prob screw it up and you'd beat me to death with a Diana Gabaldon book(they r bloody heavy). I shall grant you one xmas give from myself (bear in mind that I have no artistic talent whatsoeva!) Maybe I could send you 500 voicemails....wouldn't that be fun lass? If that fails to persuade you, I'll send you a man in a kilt!

Hillart doesn't get an xmas present unless she watches more xfiles. You promised you'd make it to the movie by xmas. Awaiting your reply,

Hugs and Kisses,


(Yeah I have no idea why I wrote that, I've finished packing for my trip back to Cornwall 2moz so I'm pretty bored)