Monday, 21 June 2010

The Bones Fan Awards Nominations Have Begun!

How to Cast Your Vote

If you have an LiveJournal account, nominate in the comments section on this LJ post. If not, send your nominations to

Just copy/paste the following into the comments on the LJ post linked above, or to the the bones fanawards email.

Link to Fanwork:
Contact info for Author:

Author: Dreamer7231
Title: Awesome bonesy fic
Link to Fanwork: story
Category: Best overall fic
Contact info for Author?: through dreamer7231 account   //  dreamer7231's livejournal  //  dreamer7231's twitter account

This is an example only!!!!! Please don't nominate me for a fake fanfic (sorry, but there's always one :p )

These are the links to all you need to know. Just pick a category for your fave fanfic/fanart/fanvid and start nominating!!

Please do not vote in the comments here. Vote through the LJ post linked, or through the bones fanawards email!

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