Thursday, 11 February 2010


Just to let you all know we have a forum where we are keeping the spoilers. It'll be a great place to post your own spoilers if you come across any as we are trying to keep them off this site, as alot of people like to remain spoiler free. It will give you the chance to chat with other fans, and to discuss your episode theories so please register and introduce yourself.

We are trying to keep spoilers off the main site so we don't scare away the bones peeps with spoilerphobia! (It's a real condition apparently, just ask blog author 'Milky')

It's a pretty new forum, so we need as many members as we can get. (begging now) Please don't leave blog author 'H-Rob' and I alone in there. A link to the forums can be found just under the banner at the top of the site, or from this link

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