Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fanfiction Recommendation - By Any Means Necessary by Cheri Goodman

Edit: The author is revising the chapters and reposting them all so hopefully they'll all be back up soon.

Title: By Any Means Necessary
Author: Cheri Goodman
Rating: M (Warning - Mature Content)
Chapters: 71/?
Status: In progress
Summary: When an overseas trip for Brennan leaves her in terrible danger, Booth does what is necessary to save her - even if what he is forced to do has the potential to drive her away from him forever. Mind the rating for disturbing themes of an adult nature
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I know some people may be put off by the amount of chapters, but if you love angst, this is the fanfic for you! The writing is amazing; it's one of the best fanfics i've ever read! (and i'm not easy to please).


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if this fic is online anywhere? Dying to read it

Dreamer7231 said...

The author deleted it. I don't know why. I sent her a msge to ask why but she didn't reply

daffodil101 said...

i'm so sad, this was my favourite story EVER and it's gone. I sent her a message too but I guess she hasn't been on in a while :o(

ohtheconfession said...


Dreamer7231 said...

I have no clue why it's gone. Loads of people loved it. I urge everyone to send her a msge and maybe she'll reply and tell us where it went.

Mara said...

It was back for awhile. She was reposting it with a few chapters merged into one. Like, chapters one to five where posted as one chapter etc. But now it's gone again. There is a teeny bit of info on her bio.